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Ceiling Restoration by Ceiling Doctor
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Ceiling Cleaning

Before and After

     If your business location has dirty acoustic, vinyl or stucco ceilings, Ceiling Doctor can save you hundreds of dollars! The average savings can amount up to 75% of the replacement cost.
     Our patented system of high pressure, low volume spray is activated by detergent and whiteners which are guaranteed user and environmentally safe.
     First the ceiling is prepped, then sprayed and wiped clean. Of course there is no disruption to your business, as it is done after business hours. You will find your acoustics and lighting greatly improved in addition to a healthier work environment.
     Businesses such as retail stores, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, restuarants and donut shops have benefitted over the years from our patented cleaning system.

Did You Know?

The Ceiling Doctor cleaning process:

-reduces indoor air pollution by removing dust, dirt and bacteria from ceilings and walls

-uses only proprietary environment friendly biodegradable cleaning solutions

-removes any traces of nicotine from former smoking areas

-uses a high pressure, low volume controlled application, eliminating damage to adjacent areas

-enhances recycling program by eliminating needless waste of ceiling materials, being sent to landfills

Regular maintenance and cleaning of a ceiling will keep it looking good for years

What our clients are saying...

We clean more than ceilings!

...your system has enabled us to rejuvenate our ceilings
without the need and cost of replacement and without
adding refuse to our landfill site-all concerns relating
to our present economic and environmental conditions".
Acoustic Tile
-Ceiling Doctor professionally cleans all types
of acoustic tiles,consistantly providing clients
with excellent results.
...your firm has worked odd hours and weekends, made
extra efforts to meet or exceed deadlines,and have
consistantly produced good workmanship."
-Vinyl covered walls (especially textured vinyl)
are very difficult for most janitorial companies
to clean. Ceiling Doctor's unique process
cleans vinyl walls quickly and easily with no
mess or disruption.
...with just having become a smoke free building,
the cleaning you did has taken away that film from
everything, which has brightened and freshened
the office considerably at a reasonable cost."
Painted Surfaces
-interior painted walls can be effectively
cleaned to the original surface for less
than the cost of re-painting.
...I appreciate the fact that there was no supervision
required on my part after the work was quoted."
-The surface is virtually impossible to
clean for most companies. However,
Ceiling Doctor's unique process gives
consistant and professonal results without
altering the texture of the spraytex
(unlike painting).
...excellent emphasis on safety for your personnel,
our personnel, plant and processes."
And More...
-Cut stone, marble, interior brick and
concrete walls,metal, etc.